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I have been supporting people’s development for more than 15 years. During this time, I have conducted more than 1,000 training courses and mentored around 2,000 specialists and 60 managers in Swedbank, Omniva and If Insurance Baltic. I believe that my background in business and my deep interest in people as a therapist is a great combination for training and supporting the development of teams and especially leaders.

I am a mathematician by education and I have a Master’s degree in Organisational Behaviour. At the Holistic Institute, I am studying to be a holistic regression therapist to bring a holistic human approach to leadership.

I want every leader to think about what their leadership legacy is, how people feel about working with them and what their legacy is to the organisation. It all starts with a leader’s relationship with themselves.

People’s relationship with themselves creates the opportunity for good relationships with those around them – at work, at home, in the wider world. The leader’s own contact with his or her own inner world is particularly important, as it determines the leader’s communication and relationship with team members, which in turn determines the communication and relationship with the organisation.

The deeper WHY I do what I do: “I am happy and grateful to be able to give people a glimpse into the true depths of who I am”.


I can link different parts (organisation, leader, team, employee, personality) into a whole and simplify complex concepts.


I distinguish myself by honesty and openness when talking about myself. Remaining authentic in different communication situations, enjoying each person's individuality.


I encourage people to look deeper inside themselves. I help them, based on my knowledge and experience, to find the right tools and solutions to meet their objectives.

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