Mentoring is essentially a conversation between two people, where one is more experienced and supports the other on their journey. I combine techniques from mentoring, coaching, performance management, therapy, consulting, according to the client’s needs. I believe that most of the time we need a symbiosis of different methods because we are a holistic whole of different needs.

A mentor is first and foremost a supporter of your personal development, helping you to untangle some complex ideas, grow as a leader and as a person, and supporting you to achieve your dreams and goals. Mentoring is more superficial in nature than therapy. For more information on therapy, see the separate therapy page.  

Our work takes place in one-to-one sessions (about 75min per session), with a frequency of three to four sessions per six months. 

As a mentor, I’m a supportive partner to help you:

  • create clarity in the thought process
  • plan for the future
  • be better able to cope in a new job
  • achieve the objectives set
  • raise awareness
  • increase self-confidence
  • take difficult decisions
  • make significant changes
  • Improve cooperation with your manager and colleagues.
  • develop personal leadership principles
  • become a more patient listener
  • change behavioural patterns
  • increase personal satisfaction

As a result of the meetings , you will have clarity about your future plans, awareness and confidence to make the necessary changes.

You’ll have a mentor and a partner who can help you set goals and move towards them, and bring to the surface what you know but sometimes can’t find, or give you advice when you’re stuck.

Mentoring feedback